Life With Design blossomed naturally from Life Without Housework (a referral agency). Karin Rettig, the owner of both businesses realized after going into hundreds of homes and working closely with her clients, the real power that décor plays on a person’s emotions and level of comfort. She sought out a famous interior designer on the East Coast, Carole Talbott who specializes in bringing all facets of a homes décor into harmony through Visual Coordination.

Visual Coordination is a unique design formula created by Carole Talbott. “The secret to her formula is the precise alignment of the interior pieces with the architectural features and shapes, a creative science that secures the placement of existing pieces and defines the size, shape, and theme of additional purchases.” Karin quickly appreciated Carole’s design formula and graduated from Carole Talbott’s Design certification program. With Karin’s eye for design and application of Carole Talbott’s formula, she has been making a beautiful décor difference in the homes in the Santa Cruz and Monterey areas as a certified Visual Coordinator.

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